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Mouse Predators: What Animals Eat Mice?

Every known omnivore and carnivore out there in the world are known for killing mice for food. They include human beings as well. They are consuming mice as an occasional snack. On the other hand, it is an excellent meal opportunity available for some of the predators.  While keeping that in mind, you can go through the list of most prominent predators that cats have. All these predators are known for killing mice. 

  • Cats 
Both domestic cats and wild cats are known for killing mice. On the other hand, cats in all sizes tend to kill mice and eat them. Some of the homeowners tend to get cats mainly with the objective of getting their assistance to kill mice as well. Similar to domestic cats, the smaller wild cats, including bobcats and lynx are known for killing mice as well. In fact, they are dependent on mice for a massive part of the diet as well. Some of the bigger cats including lions, tigers and jaguars also kill cats in order to supplement the diet. However, they tend to kill mice when the food sources are scarce. 
  • Birds 
Similar to rats, mice are being killed by the predatory birds as well. In fact, some of the predatory birds such as hawks, owls and eagles tend to consume mice in order to get their nourishment requirements catered. When you take a look at the most prominent mice predators, you will notice how barn owls are at the top of the list. They are having the ability to devour and catch a large number of mice per night. Due to the same reason, these birds are often playing an excellent role in the agricultural areas that you can find out there. They are helping the farmers to catch mice, who are damaging stored grain and crops.
  • Canids 
Dogs that homeowners raise as pets are not usually consuming mice as a source of food. However, some of the wilder cousins of dogs are known for eating mice. They include coyotes and foxes as well. You can often see how wolves are consuming mice as a food. They are looking forward to consuming mice especially during the winter season. That's because wolves find it a difficult task to locate larger prey during the winter season. In some of the instances, you will be able to find how wolves are being trained in order to kill mice. This is taken as a measure of pest control.
  • Snakes 
Snakes are contributing a lot towards controlling the mice population out there in the world. Most of the snakes that you can find out there in the world are killing mice. That's because snakes are capable of unhinging the jaws in order to swallow mice. You can find how both small and large miles are killing snakes as well. When the mouse population is decreasing under natural conditions, the snake population will increase due to the same reason.

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